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Sorry, guinness_duck!

Your fancy Krups coffee carafe is no more!

The carafe and its cover weren't in place right, so the coffee was leaking around it and onto the hotplate. Luckily, the sizzling sounds clued me in that something was wrong. The carafe was a bit wedged in, so when I pulled it out to stop the coffee from flowing, the cover, which wasn't on right, fell inside the carafe. Trying to get the cover out, I broke the side of the carafe. How was it so easy for it to fall in, but too wide for it to come out?!

So I used one of my snazzy Quaker Oats oatmeal bowls, courtesy of mztreskiki, to catch the coffee that was leaking. Lifting it up to press in the gizmo that tells the coffee maker when the carafe's there allowed the coffee to flow freely. (If I'd put a mug there, it wouldn't have been wide enough, and more would've spilled... so thanks, Dom!)

The cover had already been broken... the hinge no longer grabbed the edge of the carafe any more. So, I guess it was time to replace the thing anyway.

This'll teach me to try making coffee before I have my morning coffee.

Used up the rest of the pepperoni with some scrambled eggs. I think I finally figured out the proportion of eggs to cream cheese to match the creamy flavor of the scrambled eggs my dad makes, and I'm stunned at how much cream cheese he must use. It reallllllly makes the eggs yummy, though. Try it.

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