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Last night, I went to my cousin Tracy and Rob's house after the Seder was over. They wanted help rearranging their TiVo setup so they could record to tape. When the kids heard I was going to come after they went to sleep, they insisted I come earlier. So, I followed them home after a few minutes.

Got there just as the kids were changing into their PJs, and after they brushed their teeth, I got to tuck them in. Rebecca, who's almost three, showed me which blanket to put over her, then she wanted a story and a lullabye. :-) I started to tell her a "once upon a time" story involving a little girl named Rebecca, and Tracy explained that Rebecca's bedtime stories are always a recap of her day. What fun! Then we sang her nightly lullabye, which was simple enough that I picked it up pretty fast. She went to sleep happily.

Noah, who's about six and not one of your more patient lads, kept calling out while we were in Rebecca's room. We joined him and tucked him in, too. He didn't seem interested in a story or a song, but we chatted for a couple of minutes.

So, my night last night ended with hugs and kisses from two of my young cousins, which is always a nice thing!
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