Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Here's Dave's latest, "final" drawing (quotes his) for the renovations to our room. The next step, assuming none of us says "Wait! That's not right!" is for Syracuse Office Equipment to determine what needed parts they have in stock, and what would have to come from the factory. Then they can decide whether there are any missing critical pieces, and if not, proceed with scheduling the work. In theory, we were only to be kicked out of here for two consecutive days, but I'm really skeptical that they can pull that off.

My office is labeled C, and I've got about half of the windows in my space. Of course, the windows look out onto a hallway. We're in the basement!

Where I am right now, and where I would probably have loudly protested moving to if they'd admitted that the renovations really wouldn't occur by the end of January (I moved in early January) as promised, is a partially walled off area north of A and across from B.

Here's the complete document in PDF form if you're curious to see the details.

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