Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Full glass just paid for itself!

On the way back from Maryland a few weeks ago, I heard something hit the windshield, but it wasn't until later that afternoon that I noticed that there was a crack in the lower right corner of the windshield.

The first time I had a broken windshield was on my '84 Accord, and it must've been 14 years ago or so. I remember Diamond Auto Glass came to the parking lot at work to fix it, and I remember being entertained that they sat in the front seat and kicked the windshield out. They cut out the piece of glass that had my registration and inspection stickers, covered the edges with electrical tape, and gave it to me to carry around in case I got pulled over before I could get new stickers.

I had vaguely remembered that they'd had to come up from Pennsylvania, and that was confirmed for me when I told Dale, today's Diamond Auto Glass guy, about the piece of glass with the stickers on it. Apparently, that's what they have to do in Pennsylvania. The state requires you to pay for new stickers, so they are not allowed to transfer them to the new windshield. Today, Dale used a blowtorch to melt the adhesive, peeled the stickers off the old glass, and put them right on the new glass for me. I like that approach much better!

Dale was friendly and chatty, and didn't mind my watching while he did his work... again in the parking lot by my office. He had to remove several pieces of plastic and such, as well as the windshield wipers, before he could remove the windshield. Apparently, the 2002 A4 is much more of a pain to remove the windshield from than previous Audi models.

So, I now have a nice shiny, new windshield, an actual Audi windshield that Diamond obtained through the dealer. I had to wait for it to be ordered, but I definitely wanted the right piece of glass in front of me, not some aftermarket knock-off. If my insurance didn't include full glass coverage, it would have cost me $300-400 for the windshield, plus installation cost.

That's the second windshield I've had replaced, plus of course the broken window on the '92 Accord when my car was broken into in Rochester. It's nice to not have to worry about either paying for new windows or driving around with cracked glass.

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