Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Mmmm, adrenaline!

The adrenaline level is really high at Bound for Glory tonight. The show starts at 8 each Sunday, so the sound check for live performers starts at 7, and they're supposed to have arrived and set up by then.

Tonight's performer was reallllly late, so until she walked in at 7:58, we thought Phil was going to perform with Carrie, and I was going to host the show for Phil. Phil reached Carrie on her cell phone, she happened to have her fiddle with her (they play together a lot) and was willing to detour on her way to the show, to pick up Phil's guitar at his house.

Happily, the performer, Deb Pasternak, who looked terrified right before the first live set started at 8:30, slipped right into a groove and sounds fantastic. Tune in and check out her web site to buy her CDs. (Or join us for the second or third set, at 9:30 or 10:30, respectively, if you're in the area.)

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