Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Really good weekend

I haven't done a couple of things I should have gotten done over the last few days, but that's life. I'll try to finish up some more of it before the end of BFG... but my head still hasn't settled back into gear following the crisis-driven adrenaline burst earlier.

But, I did get in a fair amount of relaxing and hanging out with friends over the weekend.

Friday evening started with my favorite one-year-old's birthday party, which, much like one of my own gatherings, brought together an odd cross-section of the community... a neat variety of folks who worked well together. Good chatting and good food with good people. Thanks again!

As I was heading home, figuring Martin and Joy would have arrived, I got a call from them saying that they had indeed. Martin, who was coming up for yesterday's USS Acccord meeting, kindly gave Joy a ride back up while he was at it. I got home and joined them for a stroll over to The Rose for dinner. (I just had iced tea; I'd already eaten plenty!) Martin headed over to kinnerc's, where he was staying, and Joy and I caught up on some of the contents of my TiVo.

Yesterday involved a lot of relaxing, including sleeping in, some cereal (passable Manischewitz Kosher for Passover frosted flakes!), and some more TiVo. I dropped Joy at her family's house for their Easter dinner (the main reason she wanted to get up here this weekend) on my way to the Accord meeting. The meeting was great, because we had several guests. The occasion was that the two candidates for RC wanted to attend, but very little time was spent on such politics, which was good. I of course wasn't surprised, but my "chef salad with no croutons or bread" came with croutons and bread. The bread was outside the box, and could have been ignored, but I wasn't going to eat around the croutons. We shouldn't have paid the guy until he came back with my corrected salad; I think he wouldn't have taken an hour if his tip had been riding on it, or if I'd really felt I had the option of calling to tell them to forget it. (I briefly considered calling to say "Forget it, bring back my money," but before I decided to do that, he finally reappeared.)

Slept until 11 again today, and then we got moving and joined Doc, Martin, and ruffian_wind at Manos Diner for breakfast. The waitress succeeded in heeding my "no toast, please" request, so my eggs and corned beef hash came promptly and were good! After breakfast, all of us but Kelly wound up relaxing at Buttermilk Falls State Park for about 20 minutes. Martin really hadn't gotten to see the area; I'm hoping he'll come back for more!

Joy and I went back to Doc's place to meet the kittens, Castor and Pollux. They're adorable and sweet! And the gouges in my left hand will heal eventually.

Relaxed a bit more this afternoon, had a small dinner (I'm really wishing I could eat a brownie), then headed over to campus for BFG. See below for the rest. :-)

Looking forward to another good night's sleep tonight before returning to work in the morning.

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