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*squint* Mary-Kate and Ashley?

The "Mark's Vivid Dreams" film festival continued last night, with two distinct dreams that, as far as I know, have nothing to do with each other. In one, I don't recall what else was going on, but at the end I was sliding... kind of like snowboarding but on my feet... down the snow-covered hill from Collegetown to downtown. (No, there's no snow around.) I maneuvered around people, using snowbanks to help, and came to a stop on the curb in front of... a set of random nonexistent stores and a pizza place. Perhaps this is suggesting I really need pizza after a week of Passover!

In the other dream, I gave Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen driving directions to California. *scratches head* I really have no idea what they're doing in my subconscious.

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