Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Great evening!

Thanks to fabunobo and drdjmike for putting together a fun evening! I had a feeling ruffian_wind would get along well with them, and I was right. Their house is coming along very nicely, and I can't wait to see the additional progress that's in the works.

acapellasinger had a good show at the Blue Frog, which is a neat place in downtown Cortland with good coffee. There was one group of four sitting and chatting throughout the show, and one lady kept talking very loudly. (At least one member of their party clapped from time to time!) Coffeehouse singers have it rough.

The cool air tonight was a nice contrast to a very warm, sunny day (OK, so it got rainy late in the afternoon), and I've been enjoying the breeze through the screen door.

In addition to looking over a couple of houses early in the day, I also helped seity1 with the living room painting tasks. She picked a great color!

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