Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"I could hear the voice of gin whisper in my ear.."


I think we set an attendance record for WVBR's Bound for Glory tonight, with an overflow crowd (and then some) for all three sets of tonight's show with Tanglefoot. They were in great form, and while it's a shame Joe's not touring with them any longer, Terry, the new fiddler, is excellent and fits in well.

Their act was once called "full throated abandon" by a reviewer, and the guys liked it, so they named an album that. It's by far my favourite of their CDs, and probably the single most-played disc in my collection. (If I tended to play more than two tracks of Dave Matthews Band's "Live at Red Rocks," it would be a contender, too.) I'm looking forward to listening to "Captured Alive," their latest album. It was recorded live over three performances last May in Toronto. I'd kind of planned to get up there for at least one of the shows, but I guess the timing didn't work out.

Tonight's show was excellent, and as an encore (after we went off the air) they performed the two songs they hadn't yet gotten to that I really wanted to hear. What could be better?

Long day today... started very early for the Dream Factory's fundraiser pancake breakfast, followed by a visit to ruffian_wind's house so Denise and Joy could have a tour, then a few wineries on the east side of Seneca Lake. I know I'm not going to fall asleep yet... still have to let some of the endorphins from the show boil off! A bit hungry; the handful of Pringles I just downed may or may not do it.

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