Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Clean car!

I'm lunching at the Subway in Lansing Village Place while the detail folks at Squeaky Clean work on my car for an hour... part of how they're making up for breaking my windshield wiper several weeks ago. No, no wireless... just saving this for later.

The place is much quieter now than when I came in, thanks to the departure of what I'm guessing was part of a middle school basketball team. I'm sure there weren't actually fifty girls in here. It just sounded like it.

Right now, the sandwich artists are dealing with a family with three small children, for two of whom the counter is above eye level. The kids are discussing which toy they want in their kid's meals. The last family was adorable... the mom asked the bouncy little girl whether she wanted ham or turkey, and she had no idea what either was, or at least seemed ill equipped to handle the question. The staff really enjoyed her, and were very good-natured about waiting while they thought about what they wanted.

I've already written the next two weeks' bios for BFG, so I won't have to worry about that during the week. Just as well -- I'll be in a project management class all day Wednesday and Thursday. Read a few LJ entries, having refreshed my Friends page before leaving home, though I'll need to get online before I can see the rest of Cherie's latest post.

The weather's great, so I'll probably spend a bit more time outside this afternoon, in addition to visiting Ian and catching up on "Third Watch" and "Tru Calling" on my TiVo.

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