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Marching on Washington...

march picsThanks to my llama-like friend jerronimo for letting me share his pictures from this weekend's March for Women's Lives with you. I wasn't there, but several of my friends were... more than I realized! I'm very impressed with how successful (and populous) the event was.

I was amused by some of the coverage stressing that the US Park Police no longer shares their estimates of how many people show up for such gatherings, after the bitter controversies of a few years ago, when a couple of groups accused them of shorting the estimates. Everyone seems to agree that there were at least hundreds of thousands of people at this event, and the rough estimates in the neighborhood of a million are probably pretty close. It's certainly on that order, and that's a hell of a crowd. If that many people can show up to support just one important cause... I feel a lot better about the chances of getting enough folks to the polls to oust Prince George come November. (Call me a Republican, call me a Democrat, call me a Liberal, call me a Libertarian... whatever you want... it's all been said... but call me Sick of Bush.)

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