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Last night on the way back from having a drink at The Nines with Ed, who's moving to Seattle today, I stopped at Jason's Deli to use the ATM.

Jason, the owner, was in there chatting with Ray, one of his counter staff, about the stuff that gets left behind by students moving out of Ithaca every spring. I chimed in, "Let me know if you run across a floor lamp."

"Stay right there," said Jason, and wandered in back for a minute, to emerge with one of those torchiere floor lamps. He apologized that it's a little dented and has no bulb, but happily, I have a bulb.

So now, next to the floor lamp whose switch jerronimo seems to have broken when he visited a few weeks ago, I have another floor lamp. The bulb from the old lamp still works (sorry, Jerry, it wasn't the bulb blowing!) and I have light in the living room once more. :-) It's a bit dim, though. Maybe the little switchy thing on the front is meant to be a dimmer. Doesn't seem to do much. Want to have a go, Jerry?

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