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Fantastic class!

I spent all yesterday and today, starting at a too-early 8:30am both days, in a "Project Management Fundamentals" class that CIT and Cornell is putting large bunches of people through over the next few months. We were the guinea pig class... the first group to be taught by the in-house project management folks.

Before the class, I was a little skeptical about Bill teaching the class. I know him as a software developer (and huge comic book collector), and he was just trained as a project management trainer. A short way into the day yesterday, though, it became clear that Bill is a good trainer, and the class was going to be very productive and very useful.

They're starting out with Princeton's project management methodology, and a set of training materials purchased from some company or other, but will be refining a Cornell methodology over the next few months and developing a Cornell-specific course. This course was just a bit too long to fit in two days, since we talked a lot about Cornell issues in addition to the course curriculum. We also spent a lot of time on some cool exercises.

Over the last few hours, I've gotten done nearly all of the things that were falling behind thanks to the two days out of the office. That after a nice dinner with Alan Cohen at Miyake, the new Japanese place in Collegetown where Kayuga used to be. We then popped down to the Commons for a quick scotch, then I headed home so I could get stuff done.

My satellite receiver was a bit flaky earlier, not wanting to change channels properly, but it seems to be OK now. It successfully changed to KTTV (Los Angeles Fox affiliate) a few minutes ago, so as to record the West Coast version of "Tru Calling," which it had failed to record at 8. I like having satellite access to TV from two time zones!

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