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Excellent. Since I was last here, the Pittsburgh International Airport has added free wireless Internet service throughout the food court area in the airport's center core. I'm seeing at least three "FlyPittsburgh" access points, and I'm getting a decent signal sitting between the Ben & Jerry's and the windows looking out on the runways.

I'm en route to Knoxville for this weekend's STARFLEET Region One Summit in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, looking forward to seeing lots of friends, including a couple that aren't even Fleet-related.

I guess I should take advantage of one of the marginally affordable breakfasts around me, especially seeing as my next flight is delayed 20 minutes, and lunch may not be until after we wait for Mike's flight to arrive. zercool is contemplating what breakfast options to recommend, since he's here even more often than I am! (I used to love the breakfasty cheesesteaks at Steak Escape, but Charley's Steakery impresses me less.) The 6am Nutri-Grain Bar is seeming less and less relevant as time passes, and digging out one of the spares I brought along isn't all that appealing right at the moment.

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