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Great weekend

Plenty to write about this weekend, and I'll see how much of it I can get through in one stretch.

There were lots of high points to the weekend, but one real treat that wasn't within the norm for a STARFLEET-focused weekend was spending some time with shineyquarter and rethought. Avi and Jyll joined me for Saturday evening (enticed by the thought of the Scottish-themed banquet at the Region 1 Summit) and wound up happily spending lots of time with a bunch of my Fleet friends.

It's always fun, and often surreal, to bring my circles of friends together, and this was no exception. Everyone seemed to hit it off, and Avi and Jyll even helped invent a new drink or two last night.

Wade picked up Mike and me at the airport on Friday, and we took the scenic route through the edges of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Pigeon Forge and the hotel, making the trip (which can be done in as little as 45 minutes) take about four hours. We had no place to be, and Mike had never seen the park, so it was well worth it. We wondered what the stream of police cars, ranger cars, and ambulances with lights and sirens was all about, and I figured we'd hear about it in the next day's paper. We did.

Today was relaxing, including a meal at Cracker Barrel and a visit to the nearby outlet mall, since the weather didn't really allow for more sightseeing. More about the weekend later!

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