Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Cask strength

"Macallan" would have been a great idea, except that was the name of a hard drive a couple of machines ago.

But, thanks to ruffian_wind's comment about the cask strength Macallan on my whisky shelf, I was reminded of one of the other cask strength whiskies in my collection.

The new 60 GB laptop hard drive is named Talisker!

("Cask strength" whisky is bottled at the full strength at which it comes out of the cask after aging. Most of the time, whisky is combined with purified water when it's bottled, to bring it to a specific percentage of alcohol-by-volume, so each bottle is the same no matter which cask it came out of. So, cask strength whisky is often much stronger than most whiskies, and it's often incredibly good.)

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