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The pizza came out well!

Laura and I were both pleased with the pizza made with some of the jar of creamy vodka pasta sauce I had open in the refrigerator. I checked with her when she arrived, and she was game to give it a try. (I grabbed a jar of regular pizza sauce at the store just in case.)

The pizza was a little tangier, and a little less tomatoey, than usual. I really like the sauce on pasta (it's rare enough that I don't make my own sauce) so it's not surprising that I enjoyed the taste.

Laura was adamant about mushrooms not being acceptable. :-) Otherwise, portobellos would have been a great idea! Also contemplated artichoke hearts, but decided to keep it simple... pepperoni and black olives. Both, especially the olives, went well with the sauce. I suspect crumbled spicy sausage would also have worked quite well.

She headed off for her steel band's gig at the Johnson Museum after dinner and a couple of "West Wing" episodes that she'd needed to catch up on.

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