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Good morning!

Well, OK. Not any more. I slept until about 10:30, after waking up a couple of times randomly. Puttered around for a bit, got online, and was just starting to think about food when seity1 popped online. She's no longer 15 yards away, but was happy to drive over for breakfast. (She was just starting to think about food, too.)

Into the scrambled eggs went leftover pepperoni and cut-up black olives from last night's pizza, as well as some shredded cheddar. Toasted some of the "english muffin toasting bread," which is yummy with butter.

Gotta do some laundry today and get rid of some empties. The two pieces I have in the July issue of Macworld are past the point where they can ask me to make further changes, and in fact the timing was perfect... I was able to revise the malware piece yesterday afternoon with a couple of sentences about the "Word 2004" Trojan horse. (It purports to be a web installer for a Microsoft Word 2004 preview release, but actually wipes your home directory.) Last revisions to the Panther Server piece were early in the week. So, I've got no writing to do other than here for this audience, at least not in the near term.

It's kinda grey out, but the air is comfortable... at least the breeze coming in through the balcony screen door is. I should get moving with that laundry, lest it get moister out there.

It'll be nice to not have to go outside to do laundry...

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