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Ooh, quickness

One of the concerns I had about Netflix, the online DVD rental service where you pay by the month, is that mail crossing the country was taking too long.

Now that they have a PO Box in Gaithersburg, Maryland, my movie returns will get to them much sooner... two days this time. That means they send the next movie in my queue that much quicker.

Sadly, I had forgotten to mail back "Practical Magic" after Laura and Dimitri and I watched it, so that was a week they could have spent getting another DVD to me. Sent back both that and "Deathtrap" on Monday, and just got e-mail that they'd received both. So now the next two on my list will be en route.

Want to try this cool $20/month DVD rental service that has no late fees and doesn't require you to go anywhere? Use this link so the cool folks at get an affiliate commission.

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