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Lunchtime hike

Today's USS Accord "meal-and-a-mission" saw several of us meet on the Commons in front of the Sagan Planetwalk sun monument, then walk over to the park at the base of the Cascadilla Gorge and hike up to Collegetown, where we had lunch.

On the way over from the Commons to the gorge, we ran into a baby lamb in front of the Unitarian Church. To give you an idea of how big he is, those are little-kid feet he's standing in front of. He was about the size of a full-grown cat.

It was on the grey side, and the gorge was definitely damp from the recent rains, but the walk was easy and safe enough. There were a couple of spots that are going to need some maintenance... the winter weather probably took too long to recede for any spring maintenance to have happened yet.

After we got to the top of the trail, we had lunch at Greek House, which offered a good variety of kinds of food to satisfy everyone. Alan seemed really interested in breakfast, which would have been hard to get anywhere but a diner-ish place... which Greek House is.

Then we walked back downtown via Buffalo Street and headed for our cars. The weather has gotten a lot clearer and sunnier, but the laundry room is still flooded, so I can't do my laundry. I'll probably bring it to the Corners laundromat/cleaners tomorrow and let them wash it with their pay-by-the-pound deal. Too much of a pain to go to some other laundromat and sit and twiddle my thumbs.

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