Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Mission accomplished

Thanks to ruffian_wind spotting my laundry-room-is-flooded dilemma, and her generous offer of a non-flooded laundry option, I got my laundry done last night rather than having to spend a lot of money on someone else doing it this week. Some of it is still a little damp, but I spread out a couple of such items to dry in the living room last night when I got home.

Meanwhile, brought "Kill Bill Volume 1" along to watch while we laundered. I really hadn't paid much attention to it when it came out, so not yet having read drdjmike's comment this morning, I didn't realize quite how gory it was going to be.

One thought was that the stretch of black-and-white in Tokyo was to avoid an NC-17 rating, with all the blood spraying everywhere. (As long as it's not red, it's not blood, right?) Much of it was exaggerated anyway. I really loved the scenes on Okinawa.

The movie was lots of fun, and there's definitely a cliffhanger that makes me glad I didn't see "Volume 1" a year before "Volume 2" came out! Gotta see that soon.

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