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Kill Bill

"Kill Bill Volume 2" last night was great... slow in a couple of spots, such as at the beginning in one of the flashback scenes, but otherwise full of good dialog and action.

It wasn't nearly as messy as the first film, and really felt as though it was the second half of the same film. My guess, especially after looking at early trailers for "Kill Bill," is that this was originally supposed to be a single movie, but was just too long to release that way. I'm glad they didn't cut too much from the final product. It was good as is. The biggest surprise... I don't think Tarantino appeared in the film at all. I'm pretty sure that's the first time he was never on-screen in one of his movies.

Almost done with a morning news shift, talking on the radio about the Pope's birthday and the state Republican and Democratic conventions and yesterday's transformer fire. Then off to work.

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