Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

No gas

I filled up my tank yesterday, a little earlier than I would necessarily have had to, just so I could refrain from getting gas today. (May 19th is "no gas day.")

Impressive though the impact could be today if some large portion of the populace really doesn't buy any gas today, I have a feeling gas sales will be sharply increased for yesterday and tomorrow, pretty much blowing away any real economic punishment effect that could have been incurred.

Zipped through downtown on the way home from work yesterday so I could gas up at the Sunoco on the corner of Cayuga and Green Streets, by the Tompkins County Public Library. Not only do the gas prices tend to be sharply lower there than several places more convenient to me, but they're one of the handful of places in town with 91 octane gas... what my car actually requires. Since most stations have 87, 89, and 93, I'm usually wasting money on higher-performance gas than I need.

East Hill Plaza's Citgo station today has $2.159, $2.259, and $2.349. Last night I paid $2.239 for 91 octane; their premium was at $2.259.

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