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Great lunch!

On a whim, I e-mailed fabunobo a brief "Lunch?" query late this morning, and minutes later, he and drdjmike were pulling up in their new Rolls Royce to pick me up.

We batted around a few ideas of where to eat, but they both seemed happy to satisfy my Ralph's Ribs craving, so that's where we headed. I had today's lunch special, a smoked chicken quesadilla with homemade salsa (I added a little Ralph's Sweet Hot Sauce, which went perfectly), some crisp cole slaw on the side, and iced tea.

Much of the construction down in that end of town has been completed, or is now focused elsewhere, so it was much easier to get there and back than it was the time keyoo and I went a few weeks ago.

Great, affordable, quick place to go for lunch. Tune in to WVBR daily at 10:35 to hear what Ralph's lunch special is that day, then go tell them you heard it on the radio. (Yes, I'm biased!)

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