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Ribs in the oven...

Decided I needed to try Bruce's ribs recipe this weekend, and asked seity1 the other day if she'd be interested in participating in such an experiment. She's always up for experimentation. :-)

Bought the ribs yesterday at Win-Li, the Asian grocery on Elmira Road, and while I was there, I spotted the cans of "Mr. Squid" that I ended up bringing to acappellasinger's housewarming party and keeyoo's beer-n-burn party. I love squid, and the cartoon squid on the front of the can had caught my eye, so it seemed worth trying!

The snacks were delicious! Crispy baked spicy squid snacks. Kinda like rolled-up, spicy Pringles, but made of squid instead of potatoes. (I can just see a Thai kid saying "Potatoes?! You eat snacks made from potatoes?! Ew!")

Instead of Bruce's sauce, which didn't appeal to Denise, I decided to marinate the ribs overnight in the BBQ sauce ruffian_wind brought back from Texas as a thank-you gift for taking care of her critters while she was away. There wasn't enough of that, so I looked at the bottle's ingredients list, and added a few things I had around, like vinegar and honey, to extend it.

Right now, the ribs are in the oven with about half a bottle of beer in the baking pan. In a few hours I'll take them out, then reheat on the grill when it's dinnertime. (Did I mention I finally got a full propane canister for the grill yesterday? The old one has been empty since late in the day of Memorial Day last May!)

Also invited Kelly, seeing as it was her BBQ sauce, and she came early to watch a movie. We're first watching the Cornell vs Navy NCAA lacrosse quarterfinal game, now early in the 4th quarter. George Boiardi's parents are in the stands wearing red t-shirts bearing their son's number, and surrounded by folks wearing identical shirts. (George died two months ago after being struck in the chest with a ball during the Binghamton game.) Cornell's trailing 4-3, but they're definitely playing well and I've got my fingers crossed!

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