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A letter to Audi...

I am disgusted by the overall lackadaisical attitude at the Bill Cooke Imports service department, and have been for over two years since getting my car. Today, though, I am livid at one new service advisor there, who is not only incompetent, but insists on lying to cover it up.

The most recent service issue I'm trying to get fixed, which has actually been a problem for many months that they've repeatedly failed to fix, is a problem with my stereo. Over a month ago, on April 22nd, I was there for another repair, and asked them to look at the stereo again. They figured out what they thought the problem was, and Al told me they would order the necessary parts.

This morning, I called to find out why the parts weren't in yet, frustrated with the continuing problem with my stereo, which makes it unpleasant and distracting to listen to. Ray wasn't familiar with the situation, so transferred me to Al. Al went and checked and found that the parts were in.

When I asked why he hadn't called me to arrange to get them installed, he insisted he "left a message" for me at 607-257-3480, my home number. I don't have an answering machine at home. I informed Al of this inconsistency.

I'm now frustrated that Al is lying about having left a message, to cover up the fact that he didn't reach me to arrange to install these parts, which have probably been sitting and waiting for a month. I'm also frustrated that Al said he had no service appointments available for a week and a half, when I've already been waiting too long. I expressed this frustration at having to wait over a week, when these parts could have been installed weeks ago, and Al said, "Well, I left a message."

I'm appalled that Al is more interested in making excuses to cover his ass than in getting my car fixed, but I have to be honest and tell you that this fits the pattern I've seen from Bill Cooke Imports. They don't know how to fix it, or they insist it's performing to spec, or they paint parts of my car without asking me, or they fail to provide loaners when promised, or they keep my car an extra day beyond the promised completion time when I need it to drive to Toronto.

Your dealer in Ithaca has succeeded in turning me from an Audi lover who would certainly have leased another, and another... into a furious consumer who has little interest in buying such a poorly supported vehicle ever again.

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