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TV wrapup

The gang came for the usual "Enterprise" viewing, and I was pleasantly surprised at how they ended the season. No spoilers... for now. :-) But they could have done (and have done) a lot worse. Hoping the fourth season gets off to as strong a start as the close of the third, so it can survive its new Friday night timeslot.

Then a few folks stuck around to watch the season finale of "Navy NCIS." No surprise what the storyline was; they've been building up to the terrorist's return all spring. Well done, again with a bit of surprise.

Last thing I did last night before bed was watch the "24" season finale. A couple of people found it anticlimactic, but I thought they wrapped up the story quite nicely. Sara pointed me to an article about who's returning for season four and who isn't, and I'm sure those of you who want to know more can find it. (Don't track it down if you haven't seen the end of the season yet, but plan to.)

For those keeping score, I'm back down to one pet. Sushi, who's probably around three years old, keeps swimming happily around, outliving all of his snail roommates. Red Baron, the last surviving snail from the batch of five I got almost exactly a year ago, died last week.

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