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Good day for a convertible...

Karen pulled into a parking space shortly after I did, in her Saab convertible. "It's a good day for a convertible," I said. We ended up chatting for about ten minutes about convertibles (she hasn't taken the top down yet this season) and tires (she needs new ones, so I recommended Bruce's).

It was really a gorgeous morning to drive across town with the sunroof open, too, so I did... but only after sitting outside JJ's for a few minutes with buttered pumpernickel toast after my PT appointment. It was an early appointment, so no one would've been expecting me at work yet anyway! No sense rushing, and I need to sit outside more.

This morning is nice and crisp, though it was looking kinda hazy over west hill as I came down Maple Ave approaching work. No doubt we'll have another round of evening storms to keep us on our toes. Last night's was conveniently timed for the brief interlude while we were at the bar at Willow. That was fun! Seems as though there's a regular Wednesday crowd, and I liked them. With the end of "Enterprise" and "West Wing" for the season, I'll have time on Wednesdays without having to rush. Can't afford to eat there too extravagantly too often, but I can certainly afford a martini or scotch here and there.

Duane was standing outside when I arrived, and he stopped me to talk a bit about our upcoming move and the need for rearranging the conference room we'll be spending most of June residing in. He's caught in the middle of all of this, and is doing his best to make sure we'll have what we need, when we need it. For my part, after five months in limbo, I'm willing to be pretty flexible for the few weeks we're kicked out of our suite. But when they're done... it better be perfect.

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