Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Found my sushi!

Meandering conversation with Carolyn last night, in which she asked me what my favorite food was (can't pick just one) resulted in a sharp sushi craving. But, not being in NYC, I can't just pick up the phone at 11:30 at night and have sushi show up minutes later, delivered by a guy on a bike.

So I had to suggest Miyake to Peter when he picked me up for lunch. He seemed happy with that idea, especially having just returned from the better part of a year in Northumberland, UK, where he says there's not much Asian food, certainly no fresh sushi. (His wife is teaching there until mid July, but he and their younger of two daughters came back so he can find a job before his one-year leave expires in August and he loses any accrued benefits at Cornell.)

Got the Bulgogi lunch box, which the nice lady explained is actually a Korean dish (thin grilled slices of marinated beef) that's so good it's popular around the world, so they serve it alongside such more Japanese entrees as salmon teriyaki. (That's what I had last time.) It came with half a California roll, but Peter and I also split an eel roll.

Hmmmm. I'm just realizing they never brought my miso! Tsk.

It was fun catching up with him, comparing notes on our respective visits to Scotland (they also spent a week there, during a winter holiday period), and talking about the jobs he was looking at. Anyone want to hire a graphic designer / web designer / tech troubleshooter in Ithaca?

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