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Awesome afternoon!

After President Clinton was done, Laura called. She and Jim and I were going to have lunch, but he ended up having to reschedule his afternoon lesson for earlier, so just she and I went. We brunched at Rogue's Harbor, then headed out to Baker's Acres, a nursery and garden shop where Laura wanted to pick up a couple more things to plant. On the way out and back, we drove past the Rose Inn. It was the first time I'd seen it since the major fire this winter; much of the building is simply gone. (All of the debris has been removed.)

Then, after I'd dropped Laura off with her new plants, seity1 called to see if I wanted to visit the Lansing Carnival. We stopped by the Mogils' to see if anyone there wanted to go (there'd been some concern about too few drivers with free time today) but no one was home. Hit the carnival, looked for zercool, got a corn dog, text-messaged Brian, played a couple of games, split a sausage and peppers (spicy!), discovered Brian had gone off on a rescue call, and headed home.

Denise said she was going to take Cole (a visiting black lab) out for a walk, so I joined the two of them for a really nice through the Sapsucker Woods area. Cole's an awesome doggie, and we had fun. We got back to discover that Ian had let himself out the back door (silly cat!) and needed to be retrieved from the front yard.

Now home relaxing away from the sun and breeze.

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