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Dog park

My plan was lunch with Ari and company at his cookout at the dog park near the marina, starting at 11, then head up to help Brian finish moving. Ari hadn't gotten the fire started when I got there a little after 11, though, and when I was done eating and called Brian, they were just about done. So, I hung out at the dog park with people and dogs for another few hours, and just got home a little while ago.

Lots of cool dogs to play with, including Ella and Bella, Cedar, Denver, and Sonny, plus assorted passers-by.

Being down by the water and the boats for a few hours was very relaxing, and the weather was absolutely perfect for it. Sunny, clear, crisp, not too hot or humid, and not too cool or windy. Between this and yesterday afternoon, I'll be happy to relax indoors the rest of the day, I think.

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