Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Record speed

At 9:18, as I was about to get in the shower, it occurred to me to wonder what day my physical therapy appointment was this week, so I went to check my Palm. Ack! Today! At 9:30!

I was showered, shaved, teeth brushed, dressed, hair brushed, laptop snatched up and in bag, and parked in front of Northeast Physical Therapy at 9:32. Sat in the waiting room for a couple of minutes until Sandy was ready for me. (Phew!)

She's filling in for Jen a couple days a week, while Jen slows down prior to her maternity leave. She definitely has a different style, and had me do a couple of interesting exercises. She stressed that if the symptoms were moving from my shoulder into my neck, that was a good thing, because the neck is really where the problem is. If I can feel it in my shoulder, it's covering more area than it should.

So, I need to do these exercises a few times a day and see what improvement there is. Also need to be more careful about letting my neck move too far forward while I'm sitting at work.

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