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I know there was some dreaming going on, because I woke up at about quarter to four thinking Scott was downstairs at the door. (No, none of you know him.) I don't know what his voice was doing in my head. Once awake, though, I could faintly hear opera. Was I dreaming that, too? Nothing in the back room (where the computers drown most ambient sound out anyway) or the living room, but in my bedroom, I could hear the faint sound of opera. I think.

It was faint enough that I'm far from sure about it, and after a couple of minutes, I succeeded in falling asleep again.

Maybe this is what Dinosaur BBQ with some extra garlic-chipotle sauce, at 10pm, brings about!

Nothing exciting going on at work today; I got through a lot of nonsense yesterday for this summer's Bear Access release, hindered at every step by the old and unsupported architecture we're using behind the scenes. (The user-side software to talk to this architecture, at least, keeps getting updated. The admin software does not, and it shows.) I'll probably spend most of the day packing up some stuff for easier moving next week into our temporary quarters. Most of the rest of the month, the four of us will be sharing a conference room while they tear apart and rebuild our office space. It will be nice to have an office; I've been waiting for five months.

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