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In-room coffee, Four Seasons style

In my travels the last few years, I've found that most hotels now have in-room coffee makers, with little packets of coffee, styrofoam cups and/or ceramic mugs, and little plastic-wrapped sets of stirrers, creamer, and sugar; and that those that don't already have them in each room have them available for the asking.

So last night, since I had to call (again) for non-feather pillows anyway, I asked them if they also had in-room coffee makers, and if so, could they bring one up. Got a call a few minutes later to ask if I needed cream with that. No.

Several minutes later, this tray is what was delivered. If they have the little four-pot Mr. Coffee available, they obviously do this all the time; it wasn't just for my benefit! But it was delivered on the tray with a cloth placemat and cloth napkin, real china cup and saucer, two spoons, a flower in a vase, a dish of sugar and sweetener packets, a small stack of filters, and a little china dish that looks like a soup tureen, full of freshly ground coffee and covered tightly with plastic wrap.

Brewed some coffee this morning before heading out, and it was delicious.

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