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Perfect timing!

Yesterday afternoon, we saw a wedding rehearsal going on outside, on the terrace below our room. I took a bunch of pictures then, and again a little while ago during the wedding!

I just went downstairs to see if the gift shop or front desk happened to have a blank CD I could burn the pictures onto, so I could go hand it to them while they were still out there, but as I got off the elevator, some of the wedding party strolled up. A moment later, the bride and groom walked over, and I congratulated them, told them I was the one they'd spotted taking pictures from the room yesterday and today, and gave them my card. Told them if they got in touch, I'd be happy to send them the pictures. They seemed pleased.

Wandered over to the gift shop anyway, but they were closed. I doubt they'd have blank CDs anyway, though it's not impossible the front desk or business center would. No longer quite as important, since the groom has my card.

I'll be getting dressed in a little while for the wedding that brought us down here, which will be at the Botanical Gardens several miles away.

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