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Fan mail!

Mr. Anbinder,
Thanks for your MacWorld article on configuring Mac OS X Server. I found it very helpful and I have a suggestion: Write a book.
Since being volunteered as the network administrator/computer guy at our small company I've been looking for good information about networking, server set-up, configuring firewalls, etc. but cannot find the kind of step by step, easy to understand information like the kind you provided in your article - especially from a Mac perspective. I bet there are a lot of "volunteered" Mac administrators out there that, like me, enjoy the challenge and fun of putting together a useful network but don't have the time to get a computer degree - which is why we love Macs and articles like yours.
I will soon be adding ftp internet services to our company and will be buying an Xserve and a Cisco firewall for this new venture. Have I done this before? No. Am I nervous? Yes, but I know that configuring an Apple product will be a lot easier for me than configuring a Windows machine. As long as people like you keep writing articles, like your Hands On article in MacWorld, then us, "volunteered" Mac administrators may actually have enough time to get our regular jobs done.

So, if there isn't already a book titled, "OS X Server and Network Administration: Step by Step" I think you should write one.

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