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What a clusterfuck.

Since I'm now flying through Pittsburgh, on US Airways, I feel really stupid having not managed to find someone willing to book me on US Airways out of Ithaca... which I obviously could have done.

I've got a couple more hours to sit in the Syracuse airport, where I've already been for two and a half hours, before flying SYR-PIT-DFW-LBB. I'll actually be at DFW for a while today, if anyone feels like visiting! I'm arriving at 1:45 and leaving at 3:35.

I e-mailed the three people who need to know when I'm arriving in Lubbock, and included my cell number so they could acknowledge. Brad called me back two minutes later! He's usually awake at 6:30am. Yikes!

Basically, my original flight on Northwest (Syracuse to Detroit) was delayed because of a crew rest requirement. That would have arrived in Detroit too late to get me to my flight to Houston, so the Northwest desk agent booked me on a United flight. What he failed to note was that that flight was delayed, too. So the nice girl at United scratched her head, made a few phone calls, and booked me on US Airways.

Walked down to US Airways, where the very nice and helpful desk agent shook her head in disgust, confirmed me on their flights that would get me to Houston in time for my original Lubbock flight, took my dividend miles number since I was now on US Airways, and upgraded me to first class. :-) I had plenty of time at this point to make this 7:00 flight, but unfortunately the single open security lane was ridiculously backed up (big surprise), and as I got to the gate, the plane was pulling away. They'd apparently paged me three times, but there are no speakers out by security, because that might, y'know, cause them to have to let people get to their planes.

So, between another nice US Airways person at the gate, and the Northwest person at another gate that she told to reissue a ticket to me, I'm now rebooked, and I'd have to be really creative to miss my flight again.

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