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Yucky water...

You know the water's bad when the local restaurants have decals in the doors telling you which company and what technology is responsible for cleansing their drinking water. The Whattaburger had a sign touting their reverse osmosis approach from some company or other. The iced tea wasn't bad; the burgers were great.

I drink so much water on a daily basis that I was really starting to feel dehydrated, having hardly consumed any since I got to town. Beer's a start, but it's not enough, and I certainly wasn't getting past a few sips of the stuff coming out of the tap.

Bought a bottle of Dasani for $1.25 this morning out of the vending machine, but I didn't want to do too much of that. So Jesse and I stopped by the 7-Eleven and I grabbed two eight-packs of Ozarka spring water at $1.99 each. Score!

Also, everything I own now smells of cigarette smoke. I think Texas must top North Carolina for public smoking. Makes me appreciate New York all the more.

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