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Best BBQ of the weekend award...

Ironically, with a weekend in Texas, the best BBQ was at DFW, in between my first and second flights home. After checking on my seats, I walked over to Dickies BBQ Pit, which I'd spotted on the way to my gate. (Same terminal building as my arrival gate... but still a 15 minute walk/slide.

I was going to eat a little lighter, and just have a BBQ sandwich, but I couldn't decide between sliced beef and hot link. So, the guy let me taste a little of each. Wow. Even harder to decide. So I ended up with a two-meat combo plate, with some excellent cole slaw and potato salad, and cold toast, along with the meats. I now feel well fed, and it won't matter if the airlines don't want to give me much food the rest of the day. (The second flight has a "snack" listed as the meal, so probably a small sandwich.)

Next couple of weeks, I'll be focusing on eating healthy for a change!

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