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Pedestrian rant

Just sent this letter-to-the-editor in response to today's Ithaca Journal editorial about pedestrian safety.

Your editorial ("Walking safely: Priorities for city's pedestrians," 16 June) addresses the safety issues facing pedestrians due to inconsiderate motorists, but you forgot to mention the biggest safety risk of all: pedestrians who don't do THEIR part. Ithaca is full of pedestrians, college students and locals alike, who stroll right out into a crosswalk whether it's safe or not, whether it's their turn or not.

Pedestrians' rights at crosswalks aren't absolute; they are dependent on the pedestrians obeying the rules of the road, just as cyclists and motorists must. The City and County could do a lot to improve the lot of pedestrians, but it will all be a waste of effort and money if the pedestrians continue to act invulnerable.

Mark H. Anbinder
Village of Lansing

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