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Cloudy, my ass!

Today was enormously restful and relaxing... once I recovered from oversleeping a bit. I'm pretty sure my clock radio turned on around 10:40 (at least, that's when I think I set it for), but I woke up at 11:20, barely enough time (at least less time than I'm used to taking) to get to Kelly's Dock-Side Kafe for brunch. What cloudiness there was when I got up evaporated shortly after we got to Kelly's.

Today's USS Accord "Meal and a Mission" was brunch at Kelly's followed by a visit to the Cayuga Nature Center for their new Butterfly House. The whole place is kind of minimalist, with a big old lodge house that needs, at the very least, some fresh paint, a parking lot, trails, and the butterfly house and treehouse that we visited. One butterfly took a liking to perisoft's t-shirt.

Then late this afternoon, after relaxing a bit at home, I picked up ruffian_wind for a visit to Six Mile Creek. This time we did some actual swimming, which was very refreshing. Should've gone a tiny bit earlier, so as to take advantage of the sun for more of our visit! The sun was dipping behind the trees and thus deprived us of its desirable warmth by the time we got out of the water.

Last night was excellent, too... a friend popped over to watch a couple of fun movies. I had leftovers from lunch (Ralph's Ribs), so between the leftovers for dinner and the two DVDs, my evening required zero thought, which was absolutely perfect.

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