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In-flight breakfast, $7. Having my own noise-cancelling headphones, priceless.

US Airways started selling in-flight meals a year ago, but this was my first opportunity to try one. I've been lucky for the last year to be upgraded to first class once or twice, have time to buy food before a flight, or once end up on another airline that still includes a meal in the ticket price.

Today's $7 breakfast was actually very good, and surprisingly plentiful. I was glad that even though it was approaching lunchtime, they offered the less-expensive breakfast instead of charging $10 for lunch. There were a couple of choices, but I went with a turkey club sandwich on what seemed like thick-cut french toast, but wasn't greasy or sticky. The TGI Friday's box also included a cup of yogurt and a small bowl of cut-up fresh fruit.

I'd had a bagel while waiting in the Ithaca airport for the first flight, so three-plus hours later, the food was welcome. In fact, we've got almost three hours left to go, and I'm sure I'll be hungry again. I may ask if they have any food left in a bit. There's probably lots more food up in first class, but we didn't get upgraded as I'd hoped. Most of the seats up there were sold, and there were Chairman's Preferred and Gold Preferred ahead of me (Silver Preferred) in the waiting list. The flight is full, and Steve and I got on the volunteer list to be bumped to a flight a few hours later, but they didn't need us to give up our seats. Ah well! We would have been in first class on the later flight, and walked away with a free ticket to anywhere for another time. Happily, we're on a plane (Airbus 321) that has power outlets throughout the plane, and I have my auto/air adapter with me!

Meantime, I may try to take a nap. I felt myself starting to fall asleep late in "Miracle," today's in-flight movie, so I know I must be tired! Serves me right for staying so late at the graduation party last night. :-) It was an excellent party, though! And I had to stick around to finish that Bloody Mary keyoo made for me, right?

Steve and his wife picked me up this morning; she dropped us off at the airport so neither of us needs to leave our car in the lot for the week. They were five minutes early, but luckily I was just about ready.

All four of us going from CIT ended up on this flight, and we'll probably all get some dinner tonight and perhaps head to Fisherman's Wharf tomorrow. The conference begins Monday, but Cornell is saving hundreds of dollars by flying us out early and getting the Saturday-night stay-over.

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