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Tadich Grill

Last year my colleague Joy and I had dinner with Chris Black at Tadich Grill, which I think was actually recommended by one of my Macworld editors, while out here in San Francisco. Well, I suggested that for an early (very early) dinner tonight for the four of us, and it was outstanding. We're back, stuffed from an exceptional meal that I guess we sat down to at around 3pm PDT.

Lori and Faye had been in the very back row of the plane, and it turns out they ran out of food before the cart got back there! Since they don't feed everyone, they only stock as much as they expect to sell, and I guess they underestimated today. Steve hadn't really eaten (he downed a PowerBar) and I'd gotten hungry again with a couple hours left to go in the flight, so we were all happy for an early dinner. That's fine, I'm sure we'll hit the hay early, left-coast time.

Everyone kept expressing their delight with dinner, and I was even happier with it tonight than last year. I started with the Dungeness crab cocktail and moved on to pan-fried red snapper topped with shrimp in a lemony sauce. Steve had a mesquite grilled swordfish that was perfectly done, Lori was thrilled with her enormous grilled pork chops, and Faye's deep-fried seafood platter was plentiful enough that we all had to help.

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