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We provisioned ourselves at the nearby Rite-Aid after registering and getting our cool new WWDC t-shirts and backpacks. I love how in California, the drug store has not only a wide variety of soda, but also a wide variety of booze! Faye got some white zinfandel, Lori picked up a bottle of premixed Mudslide, and Steve and I got beer and Coke for the room. Faye was going to buy a $12 crappy corkscrew, but I told her I had my travel one in the room, so she needn't bother. Sheesh, doesn't everyone travel with a corkscrew? :-) Mine folds into a little blue plastic capsule.

Visited the pool and hot tub for a little while. Steve relaxed in the room for a while, and Lori and Faye seemed inclined to go to sleep. We'll hit "The View," the high-up bar that overlooks the city, another night. (It's in the glassy area near the top of the hotel building, at right.)

It's only 9:25 here, early for me even in eastern time, but I've had enough and I'm going to close my eyes shortly... but not before sharing the link to today's photos!

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