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Sleeping from 9:30pm to 6:00am is pretty good, right?

Steve and I both woke up when my new work Palm bleeped an alarm at 6. The stupid Oracle Calendar Sync software brought over my work calendar entries, for which I have a one-day-earlier reminder flag set, as having a one-day-earlier alarm instead. Flags are silent in the Oracle Calendar program, but when my Monday morning has a 9am event scheduled, and I haven't yet told the thing it's on Pacific time, well, it's going to bleep at 6am Sunday.

I didn't realize what had happened until it bleeped again five minutes later, and I went digging. I'll have to let Gail know about this additional bug that makes the sync program useless; there've been so many.

Going to get moving and get in a shower, and then try to get hold of a friend who's out here with her sister and their parents for a vacation. I may get to go to Muir Woods with them later!

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