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San Francisco is Love!

San Francisco is Love!

I wasn't planning on seeing any of the Gay Pride Parade today, but after breakfast with Bog I had some time to kill, and I sauntered up to Market Street for a few minutes to see if there was anything exciting going on.

Well, I ended up standing there for two and a half hours in a teeming throng of positive energy mob. The official count was on the order of 350,000 people, spread out along the parade route, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it were more than that.

The parade included bands, school support groups, gay and lesbian and transgendered support groups from all over California and beyond, some commercial floats such as from Delta, Altoids, and Trojan. Several politicians, a few of whom who earned some attention in this year's gay marriage explosion got loud cheers. The sheriff's department and fire department groups, which included men walking hand in hand, really made me blink. No matter how welcoming Ithaca is to diversity, I can't imagine this happening in Central New York. There were also loads of same-sex couples who'd gotten married in February, or since, holding up big enlargements of their marriage licenses, and kids walking along with signs saying things like "I love my two moms."

It's really getting late, especially on east coast time, and I need to get some sleep. More about Fisherman's Wharf tomorrow. :-)

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