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The Pavilion, aka exhibitor hall, at javaOne doesn't actually open until 11am. So, after I registered and poked around past the crowds of Java developers and session halls and classrooms, to find the Pavilion, I had to turn around again.

Thus, I'm especially glad I took a moment to stop at Moscone West for the breakfast at WWDC I'd already paid for. They had just put everything away when I got in there at 9:10, but I asked a guy with a walkie-talkie if there was anything left, and he radioed a colleague who went in back and got me one of their "low-carb" meals. I had been wondering what they were doing for folks who didn't want bagels and muffins and danishes and fruit for breakfast. Turned out to be quite-good scrambled eggs with chunks of ham, and strips of bacon.

Meantime, I'm going to add polish and flashiness to my Dashboard gadget. Dashboard is the new technology in Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4, coming out in the first half of 2005) that lets you run tiny web gizmos such as a clock, calculator, weather, etc., and call them all up with the touch of an Fkey. It bears a striking resemblance in concept to Konfabulator, and a lot of the Apple guys have accidentally been saying "widget" (the Konfabulator term) instead of "gadget" (the Dashboard term). The Konfabulator guys are understandably miffed; Apple has been known to buy up technologies it wants to incorporate into the OS; this time they just stole the concept and made it different enough that they could claim it was invented independently. That's OK; I, and probably many other people, promptly went and bought Konfabulator for $25. It's available now, not the better part of a year from now.

So I'm going to kill a little time and then head back to javaOne around 11 to check things out. I will, of course, proceed back to Moscone West for the already-paid-for lunch. :-)

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