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My annual attempt to schedule dinner with Tom Weyer, a former CIT staff member and a casual friend for about ten years, was vastly more successful than usual. Tom and I chatted Monday night and he said we should really try "Blowfish," a Japanese restaurant a couple miles from downtown. Steve was willing to be adventurous, so we made tentative plans Monday night, firmed up a bit last night, and then nailed down the particulars this morning.

Tom IM'd to say he hoped I wouldn't mind that he was inviting a few more folks along, since he was meeting with them from 6-8pm before dinner. No problem!

They turned out to be five people from Apple Australia, and we had an absolute blast with them. They're all support and engineering folks, have excellent taste in food and drink, and what's more, they treated us to dinner, then bought drinks when we got back to the Marriott.

Blowfish was extraordinary... fancy sushi and related food, prepared and presented unusually well. For all that, it wasn't horrifically expensive... though I admit I didn't ever get to see the final check. Jen asked for it and paid it when none of us was looking. Tom and I more or less took charge of ordering, since we had both the most creativity and the most experience with Japanese food. He picked the sakes with my input, each member of the group picked an appetizer, and then Tom and I (well, mostly I) picked the several sushi and sashimi dishes, which we all shared. I'll definitely have to get back there. That and Tadich Grill will be at the top of my list for future visits to San Francisco.

We of course talked longingly about what fun it would be for Steve and me to make it to Australia, but Jen seems to honestly think that she could arrange to bring me there as a guest speaker for one of their expos next winter (summer in our hemisphere). As a published expert on Mac OS X Server and Mac OS virus issues, she seems to think I'd be well worth importing for a visit! I won't hold my breath, but I'd certainly be delighted. She's got all my contact info, along with some restaurant recommendations for the rest of their stay in San Francisco as well as their visit to Boston next month.

I should add for the benefit of those who know him that Tom looks fantastic... in vastly better shape than he's been in for a few years. Tom had gained a lot of weight, but he now looks slim again; he's biking across the Golden Gate and beyond once or twice a weekend, and it shows not only in his fitness but in his odd reverse tan-lines... pale hands (from the biking gloves) and dark forearms!

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