Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Pushing tin...

The United flight back from San Francisco to Philadelphia wasn't bad at all, even though United won't honour US Airways upgrade privileges despite our having been booked on a US Airways codeshare flight. We got to the airport early enough to get exit row seats, and one of the handful of empty seats was in between Steve and me. Plenty of legroom, and plenty of elbow room, made the narrow seats and the lack of first-class treatment quite bearable.

But the neatest part of the United flight was that they put the air traffic control channel on one of the audio channels you can listen to at your seat. So, we got to listen to all of the taxi and takeoff instructions, all the landing comments, and lots of chatter in between. (I took a break to watch the two movies they showed... "The Whole Ten Yards" and then, as a bonus, "Jersey Girl.")

"Jersey Girl" was fantastic, and Raquel Castro was excellent as the young girl. Ben Affleck even did an exceptional job in the role.

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