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Good camping trip!

So technically, it wasn't really good camping weather in northeastern PA this weekend. It actually was quite rainy.

But, all in all, it was an excellent weekend. It was definitely relaxing, we had some great food (I cleverly arranged in advance to go in with Stephen and his wife on their food plans), drank a lot, and even went on an excursion to a nearby flea market. Got to see and hang out with a lot of people I rarely see, met some new friends, and spent quality time with some of the key people I was looking forward to seeing. There were a total of 34 of us, plus one guy who came Friday and Saturday during the day but went home to sleep at night. (His girlfriend, who was staying, started calling me her new husband. It was kinda amusing.)

Several of the others I was hoping to see decided not to come because of the weather forecast (and I can't say I blame them; rain and camping aren't a good mix for everyone), but I expect to see them all next month.

My new tent was great, and while it seemed too big (it's a 12x8) I definitely appreciated having the elbow room. Almost big enough to stand up completely upright, which means I don't have to crawl in and out, which I've never liked. And the walls were far enough apart that I never felt claustrophobic. Stephen and Jesse offered to help set it up, and I didn't turn them down, but I'm confident I could do it myself the second time if I had to. Took it down myself, and got it mostly dry. I should probably open it out to finish drying.

Anyway, showered the grunge and the smoke smell off, and I'm ready to relax with some indoor entertainment tonight. Probably a DVD.

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